Autumn Piper - Got romance?

Got romance?

                                                  Who is this Autumn person?

Unlike most authors, I've always loved a good book... And sarcasm.

The bio on my publisher's website paints a public picture. Here are few personal bits:

I’m a small-town girl, who has done her time in the cities (Houston, Tulsa, L.A.) but really prefers things local and friendly. That being said, I get a real kick out of movies that make fun of little towns, rural communities, or city slickers who just can’t cut it in a tight-knit village (My Cousin Vinny, Runaway Bride). I’m also a firm believer that, next to church, the beauty shop is the best place in town learn what’s going on.


  • An Irish accent is romantic and sexy as hell.
  • The Dove products ads with “real women” models. I sincerely hope every beer-belly-sporting dude who makes a snide comment about them gets a big, nasty, ingrown hair. In his nose.
  • Cowboys. Especially with a southern accent. Yeah, Texan cowboys really do it for me.
  • Stand-up comedians, particularly the ones who can make fun of themselves.
  • Rock music, all eras, older country music (think the time when the guys’ voices were just as high as the gals’) and of course, always, George Strait – who will forever be on my list of the Better Things In Life.
  • CATs (In  this case, not felines, though I do love them, too) —Completely Aimless Trips. Some of my best times were with my husband when we just got in the car and drove… to wherever, taking as long to get there as we wanted.

Thoughts on Business:  I’ll try to avoid saying “I believe,” lest I end up sounding like Larry the Cable Guy (who is spot-on entirely too often).

  • If a business offers a service free to “new” customers, then it should also give it free to the people who’ve been there for years (Hey. My bank? Yeah, I’m talking to you!).
  • I hope with the tough economy, customer service will make a comeback.
  • I bet most people would go to see twice as many movies if the ticket price was cut in half.
  • I think my husband’s small-business idea (a mobile bikini wax van that visits office buildings and college campuses – Wax On, Wax OFF!) could be a huge success. Will I ever let him be the Waxer Dude? Oh, hehhhhhlll, no. He’ll have to hire help.

On friendship: A friend who can’t show empathy for your troubles is really just a casual acquaintance. If you get as much from her as you give, then she is worth keeping track of.

Body image? Not such a big deal. I’m a size 12 and my body seems to like it that way, but I’m pretty sure if I put a bit of determination into it, I could be a size 8 again. It’s not a current priority in my life, though. Now when I go for a walk, it’s so I’ll feel better and keep my heart healthy. And honestly, I’d much rather overhear somebody saying they think I’m a nice person than they envy my thin body part X.

On housekeeping: I make my bed every day without fail but have a chronic case of AAD – Always Avoid Dusting (which makes it the perfect chore for my kids). Where housework is concerned, I tend to knock down heaps when they get scary or I need to find something—like, you know, that Home Depot receipt from last Thanksgiving weekend. My house is never gross or smelly – just a bit cluttered. Life is just too precious to spend it vaccing under the fridge, ya know?

Biggest fears:

  • Regret. “I wish I’d…” is such a crappy way to start any thought.
  • My teen daughter.
  • Who I’ll “be” when my kids are raised and gone. That whole empty nest thing sounds like a nasty bit of business.

Things I still want to do:

  • Learn to fly a small plane.
  • Sky dive. At least once (and hopefully not because of a complication from flying a small plane).
  • Make my mark. Create characters and stories people will remember long after reading them. 

Favorite sport: Hands down, baseball. Their butts look so darn good in those tight uniform pants. These guys will dive headfirst for what they want and slide through dirt to get it (and their butts look awesome in their uniforms). It’s cute how hard they try to get to 1st base. (Did I mention their butts look awesome in those uniform pants?) Besides, a guy who knows how to “hit one outta the park” is always a good thing, no?

On politics: I think there's only so much you can blame on the President. I also think, if you're flying the Mexican flag in your house (or on your car or your locker, etc) then you obviously think your mother country is best. Are you certain the "land of opportunity" is where you want to be?

Karma? I’m an avid believer. Though, I’m pretty sure there’s a god keeping tabs on our karma. Without one, how the heck would so many humans survive the teen years and become adults?

Writing? It’s a craft. A talent developed by practice and hard work. Nobody is born able to do it. Imagination helps, but without language skills, the stories would remain stuck in somebody’s head.  

The big booksigning day at Borders Grand Junction, CO 4/24/10...

 So long, Borders. :(

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