Autumn Piper - Got romance?

Got romance?

                                                       Trouble Anonymous

In this sequel to Trouble Won't Wait, Mike Lawson lands in group therapy for cheaters, and the counselor is the always-unconventional and crazy-quirky Baldwin.

                                               Hits and Misters

Some things are best forgotten. Especially when said things include helicopter flights from car accidents, betrayal, and the Witness Protection Program. Dani is doing just fine in her new life - no point in dwelling on things past - even if one store employee is the only person in the world she trusts or dares to care for.

As the federal agent who relocated and renamed Dani, Jonah doesn't need to keep such close tabs on the hot little number he tucked away in the Mojave. Still, he worries she won't be out of danger until one particular criminal - the head of a Mexican cartel - is behind bars. When the gang gets wind she's alive via a mole in his office, Jonah whisks Dani away from all she knows. Again.

This time, he'll force her to expand her selective memory so she can heal and move on. She won't like him for it, and she'll probably hate him when he confesses the whole truth about her relocation, but he can't stand to see her living such a solitary life anymore.

As far as Dani is concerned, the mere sight of Agent Parks spells trouble. Every time he shows up, her life goes to hell. Never mind how he held her hand through the worst night ever. Or that he's obviously suffered a painful loss, too. Caring about anyone is a mistake. Caring about a big, strong lawman with a dangerous job is plain out of the question. Now, if she can just convince her heart...  

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