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Got romance?

My author "goodies"

After much soul-searching, head-scratching, and shopping the net for cheap-but-useless party favors, as well as picking brains of my hubby and my best pal, I decided on shade-saving sunglass sacks as my trade-mark giveaway item. Ever buy a pair of those awesome off-the-rack shades and they end up scratched by, like, yesterday because they don't come with a case? Oh, and have you ever tried to find a case for those bad boys, especially the supermongo oversized, stylin' ones?

Well. Look no further, because now you can go incognito scratch-free, like the rockstar you know you really are.


Hand-sewn, hand silk-screened, and hand packed, just for you, from one aspiring author attempting to get her name out!

Email me at [email protected] with your snail addy and I'll send you one ASAP.





If you'd like to score some bookmarks in addition or instead of the bags, same email address, same deal. Here's a superlame photo of the bookmarks I keep on hand right now. Just cause, you know, I wanted to see if my iPhone would take a good picture of their glossy glory.


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